What we do

Switchboards, monitoring, control and remote management systems for refrigeration plants

Tecnofrigo Service manufactures in-house the switchboards serving its refrigeration plants thus allowing a customized solution for each type of application. This procedure allows to implement in the operating logic of the plants, special functions related to the treatment of thermo-hygrometric parameters. In fact, the various types of switchboards range from simple applications related to standard cold rooms at normal and negative temperatures, to more special applications such as rooms for the seasoning and drying of products in which humidity and air changes are also controlled. Electrical panels for chilling rooms, refrigeration plants, ice makers, hydrocoolers, etc. are also made.

The company also builds systems for remote monitoring, control and management of refrigeration systems, allowing recording of temperatures as per HACCP requirements and reporting of malfunctions by sending e-mail, SMS. The system is accessed by web browsing. Information is clearly organized and easily accessible in the form of graphical layouts, tables and charts for quick and immediate reading. Information can also be printed and exported or sent periodically by email. Connectivity required for alarm reporting and remote intervention is achieved through LAN/WAN connections, DSL, modem and even GSM for direct SMS messaging. Through the web configuration pages, a simple and complete solution is offered for automating repetitive tasks such as turning on/off plant lights and for direct setting of controllers (seasonal change of settings,execution of actions in case of anomalies, etc.).

In summary: